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About us​

Denton Community Garden

Denton Community Garden is a project designed to help the children of Denton Primary School understand what nature and biodiversity can offer us all.

The Community Garden will be designed by the children with the support of the Trustees and a landscape gardener. The community garden will be equality act compliant meaning that people with a disability will be able to access the garden.

The Garden will be home to raised planting, with sensory plants for those children with sensory needs, it will also have edible planting so that children can learn how to grow vegetables and edible plants in their own gardens. The garden will be home to pollinators so children can learn about how wildlife helps pollinate our local areas and what helps support the health of our planet.

We will be hosting evening and weekend education sessions for parents and children from other schools so they can learn about what to plant at home, how we can all plant pollinators and help the biodiversity of our area flourish.

The Community Garden is just at the beginning of its journey, and we hope that by March work would have begun on the project, we will be updating the website regularly with news.


Who we are

Jon Kettle, Deputy Headmaster and Project lead, Treasurer


Sean Macleod, Chair, Joint Project lead , District Councillor for South Heighton


Julie Carr, Community Representative and District Councillor for Denton


Lindey Macleod, Secratary


George Taylor, digital support officer


Lesley Boniface, Community engagement officer

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